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Today's deal: Six Man-Hours of Professional Arborist Services (Three Men for a Two-Hour Duration) incl. Hedge Trimming, Tree Pruning & Difficult Tree Removal


Tanya from Nigel Kennedy Hypnotist commented 9 months ago. You are advertising (Three Arborists for a Two-Hour Duration) but in the small print it is actually only 1 Arbortist?
Emma from GrabOne commented 9 months ago. Thanks for flagging this for us Tanya! We're just looking into this further now and will be back soon with an update :)
Emma from GrabOne commented 9 months ago. Hey Tanya; we've now had it confirmed that the deal includes 6 hours of services that will be provided by one professional arborist, one horticulturist and one groundcrew for two hours :)

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