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Today's deal: Puku or Baked Potato Meal - Option to incl. Any Smoothie, Juice or Soup


Rosemary Booth commented 7 months ago. can i buy 3 of this deal
Emma from GrabOne commented 7 months ago. Hey Rosemary! You can grab 2 per user and 2 as gift for others. Just bear in mind however that there is a maximum of one voucher per table/booking :)
natalia tomas commented 6 months ago. Hi, i do not understand where is the saving. Looking at the Kapai website, puku meal starts from 8.90$, potato from 7.90$. Of course, the more ingredients the more expensive.
But The Grabone doesn't specify how many ingredients we can add. So i assume it will be the most basic option? In this case it either equally cheap or even cheaper to buy directly with Kapai.
Emma from GrabOne commented 6 months ago. Hey Natalia! We're just checking this out for you now :)
Emma from GrabOne commented 6 months ago. Morning Natalia,

We've now had it confirmed that the value is based on the 'Tumeke - hunger buster' which is $12 normally for a salad or wrap, but an additional $1.50 for a Puku. So the value of $13.50 is based on this :)

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