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Today's deal: Half Head of Foils or Global Colour incl. Colour-Lock Treatment, Shampoo Service, Head Massage, Style Cut & Blow Dry Finish


Natasha Paul commented about 1 month ago. Hello just wondering if this includes cost of toner? Cheers
Emma from GrabOne commented about 1 month ago. Hey Natasha; we've just checked out the conditions and they advise the below:

"Extra charges may apply from $11 for hair past shoulder length or thick hair, $22 for toner; $40 for colour between foils"

You can contact the Vivo Team on 0800 400 300 for further details :)
pat Jackson commented 29 days ago. ok, I have had my hair done at Vivo 5 months ago-I see that this voucher is for people who are new or have not been to Vivo in the last 6 months. If I purchase this, can I book an appointment for a month in the future and hence it will be 6 months?
Emma from GrabOne commented 28 days ago. Hey Pat; this offer is only valid for bookings until 14th June, so it's best to get in touch with the Vivo Team on 0800 400 300 just to discuss this further :)

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