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Today's deal: Home Exterior Clean Package incl. Exterior House Wash, Exterior Windows Clean, Pest & Spider Spray, Moss & Mould Treatment on Your Driveway, Roof Treatment & Gutter Clean


Monique Goedhart commented about 1 month ago. Hi there, we have a rental home in Huntly, 257sqm, two story home. Am I correct that the cost would be $500 voucher, plus $90 surcharge for being two story (I assume this is for scaffolding or safety gear?) Plus $2/km to the property or should I calculate back too? Its 31 kms to the house from Ruske place according to google maps. Please confirm total costs so I can consider, thanks
Dillon from GrabOne commented about 1 month ago. Hi Monique, the Ultimate Clean team will be online soon to advise :)
Manpreet from Ultimate Clean commented about 1 month ago. Hi Monique, Thanks for your inquiry. That would cost you $590 altogether.
Min from The Coffee Club Centre Place commented 26 days ago. Hi there, this Home Exterior Clean Package service include Roof Treatment & Gutter Clean, dose this means roof wash flush and gutter flush and drainage clean service, thanks.
Emma from GrabOne commented 26 days ago. The Ultimate Clean Team will be back soon Min to help you further :)
Manpreet from Ultimate Clean commented 25 days ago. Hi Min, Thanks for your inquiry. The roof treatment is not washing your roof. It's a chemical spray on your roof which kill the all the mould from your roof within two and three months. But yes that is including the gutter wash. Please confirm if you u got any other questions.

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