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Today's deal: Sunset Cruise on the "Wahine Moe" Adult Pass - Option for Child Pass


Nic Matara commented 9 months ago. Hi there just wondering how do u add the fish n chip deal and what do you get for the fish n chips deal??
Emma from GrabOne commented 9 months ago. Hey Nic; thanks for getting in touch. You can opt for the Fish n Chips add on when you redeem your coupon via the link below:
Jo Lines-MacKenzie commented 8 months ago. Hi I am just wondering if it’s wheelchair friendly? Thank you
Emma from GrabOne commented 8 months ago. Hey Jo; hope you're enjoying the festive season!

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you here. The merchant will be online soon to advise on this shortly :)
Charlie from Raglan Boat Charters commented 7 months ago. To add fish n chips to your grab one deal there is a additional fee of $14 and food must be ordered 3 hours prior to departure. Enter the website choose product Option to Add Fish n Chips. Select Quantity-date-fill in contacts-view cart and enter the voucher numbers using a comma between numbers allows to to redeem multiple vouchers and this action will reduce the cart to the coupons value. The boat is wheelchair accessible and you may add that request in the special request box crew will save a space for you.

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