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Today's deal: HelloFresh Special Offer - Up to $70 OFF Your First Box or $100 OFF Your First Two Boxes


Bronwyn Silva commented 9 months ago. Hi. When it says use by 30 Nov, does that mean must have had the meals delivered by then or can it just be ordered by 30th and go into a dec week?
Madeleine from GrabOne commented 9 months ago. Hi Bronwyn, the order must be made by then using the coupon, as it is the coupon that expires.
Karen Ferguson commented 8 months ago. Its says only for new customers. I have previously bought from Hello Fresh but now for a while. Do I qualify?
Emma from GrabOne commented 8 months ago. Hey Karen; if you have used HelloFresh at all previously, you will not be able to grab this offer. It is for new customers only on this occasion :)
Tracy Robbertze commented 8 months ago. Hi, the plans for 2 people, is it sufficient for 2 adult men?
Madeleine from GrabOne commented 8 months ago. Hi Tracey, yes it is sufficient for two people.

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