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Today's deal: Two-Bedroom Standard Home Carpet Clean - Options for up to Four-Bedroom House


SM Thomas commented 21 days ago. We can't understand the measurement conditions, a four bedroom home can't be 70-90 metres, the average would be around 180-200 sq metres?
Emma from GrabOne commented 21 days ago. Hi there; thanks for getting in touch.

The merchant will be online soon to provide some clarification for you :)
Vineel from Goeco Cleaning Services commented 20 days ago. Hi SM

The sqm area stated is for the carpet area covered in the clean.
All homes are of different diiferent floors so for carpet we cover the sqm area.

Many Thanks
Hayley Mark commented 3 days ago. Hi there, I am unable to get through to your company? I have tried calling/ left a message and emailed? How does one go about actually booking you?
Vineel from Goeco Cleaning Services commented 3 days ago. Hi Hayley

I apologise for this.
Can you please call me or txt on 0276121512.

Many Thanks

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