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Today's deal: Family Pass Entry to Baywave Aquatic Centre - Option for Two Children's Entry incl. Hyrdoslide


Deirdre McFie commented 2 months ago. Does the family pass include hydroslide passes for each person
Madeleine from GrabOne commented 2 months ago. Hi Deirdre, The family pass does not include the hydroslide, this can be purchased directly from Baywave.
nadia Kettle commented about 1 month ago. I’ve purchased 2 of the 2 children + unlimited hydro slide pass however just noticed you can only use it between 4-6pm weekends. Not ideal. Am I able to swap my voucher to 2 x 1 Adult + 3 children pass?
Madeleine from GrabOne commented about 1 month ago. Hi Nadia, I will contact you via the help desk to resolve this issue :)

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