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Today's deal: Five Day Campervan Hire incl. Second Driver, Heating & Living Equipment - Option for Seven Days


Frank Mace commented 2 months ago. Could I bring a small dog with me in the camper van?
Louise from GrabOne commented 2 months ago. Hi Frank! Please get in touch with the merchant directly on 0800 348 348. :) commented 2 months ago. What does mean of "complimentary extra/second driver"?
Louise from GrabOne commented 2 months ago. Hi there, Complimentary extra/second driver means the extra driver is free of charge if someone else wants to drive the vehicle instead for the $1 a day. :)
Lynette Kilgour commented about 1 month ago. Hi
Any chance the deal would extend to October and to a 10 day hire
Louise from GrabOne commented about 1 month ago. Hi Lynette, thanks for getting in touch! We will not be extending this deal further i'm sorry! Please contact the merchant directly for further details. :)
Linda Dunkerley commented 30 days ago. Is it possible to purchase 14d hire?
Louise from GrabOne commented 29 days ago. Hi Linda, at this stage, you are unable to purchase a 14 day hire as this deal is for a 5 or 7 day hire. Thanks! :)

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