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Today's deal: Swim with Dolphins Half-Day Wildlife Encounter Cruise incl. Wet-Suit & Snorkelling Hire & Hot Drinks - Option For Adult, Child or Family of Four


Kim Shannon commented 5 months ago. What is the cost to hire wet suits & snorkel?

I know nothing about wet suits but it is winter and its cold right now.
Do wetsuits keep the body warm in the cold?

Louise from GrabOne commented 5 months ago. Thanks for your post Kim! The Wet-suit and snorkelling hire is included in the deal, you can check this in the inclusions on the deal page. For more information, please contact Dolphin Seafaris via the contact information found on the deal page. Thanks!
toni taylor commented 5 months ago. Would the child coupons cover 14 year olds?
Louise from GrabOne commented 5 months ago. Hi Toni, thanks for your post! Yes, a 14 y/o would be covered under the child coupon as per the conditions of this deal. Thanks! :)
Rachel Rogers commented 3 months ago. Hi there, we would like to book this deal. If we get stuck in Auckland and can't get out due to lockdown rules. Can we change dates?
Donya from GrabOne commented 2 months ago. Hi there, thanks for your post! If vouchers end up expiring in lockdown, GrabOne will refund your purchase as GrabOne credit so you can repurchase another deal, or seek to extend the expiry date of the voucher with the merchants so customers are able to use them after lockdown.

I hope this helps! :)
Tony Ross commented 29 days ago. Is there a charge for a 1 year old?
Holly from GrabOne commented 29 days ago. Hi Tony, thanks for your discussion board post! Your post would be best suited to be discussed direct with the merchant. Please contact the team at Dolphin Seafaris directly by using the contact information on the deal page. Thanks!

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