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Today's deal: Adult Pass to The West Coast Treetop Walk Way - Option for Child Pass Available


Mei-ling Lok commented 11 months ago. Conditions section mentions that last admission at 3.15pm. What time does visitors need to leave?
Emma from GrabOne commented 11 months ago. Hey Mei-ling; the West Coast Treetop Walk & Cafe Team will be online soon to confirm this for you :)
Vonnie from West Coast Treetop Walk & Cafe commented 11 months ago. Hi Mei-Ling
We close the gate at 4pm in Winter
Maurice Henwood commented 10 months ago. What a shame the deal doesn't extend into 1st week in October. We Will have North Island friends visiting Nelson & thought we might drive over to the coast for the day and do this. But... has to be viable.
Emma from GrabOne commented 10 months ago. Hey Maurice; you can get in touch with the merchant direct on (03) 755 5052 for further details on dates outside of this offer :)

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