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Today's deal: Moana Park Summer Platter with a Bottle of Estate Wine for Two People


Simon Godber commented over 2 years ago. If we purchase 2 vouchers between 6 of us are we able to get two of the platter and wine deals and share together at one table?
Emma from GrabOne commented over 2 years ago. Hey Simon; each voucher is valid for two people for this offer.

We're checking in with the Moana Park Winery Team to see how many vouchers may be able to be combined for this one :)
Kaylea from Moana Park Winery commented over 2 years ago. Simon hi, yes of course, we are more than happy for you bring a few extras to share the platters (and wine). I do suggest you may want to phone the winery (8448269) to book and then we can ensure we have somewhere reserved for your group. I hope you enjoy. Cheers Kaylea
Fleur Hardman commented over 2 years ago. Hi

Are you able to have some gluten free options on the platter? And if people bring their kids, is there food available that they can buy for kids to eat?

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