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Today's deal: Dinner & Drinks for Two incl. Two Mains & Two Glasses of House Wine or Beer - Options for Four or Six People


Jason Hewlett commented 5 months ago. Hi can I use a 6 personal coupon and a 2 person coup for a group of 8? Also are there still bookings free for Thursday night?
Emma from GrabOne commented 5 months ago. Hey Jason; we're just checking this out for you now.

You can also get in touch with the 50 Gorillas Grill Team on 02102527570 for availability queries :)
Max Lastname commented 5 months ago. Is the $76 value accurate given that the most expensive mains available with this voucher are $21 (Full ribs, Gorilla steak and a texas-platter are excluded) and the beers/wines are about $10.
Emma from GrabOne commented 5 months ago. Hey Max,

We're just checking this out for you now and will be in touch via email to request some further information :)
Jeff Flack commented 5 months ago. Previous comments have mentioned some mains are excluded but i can't see this in voucher. Can you please confirm it is all mains as advertised?
Emma from GrabOne commented 5 months ago. Hey Jeff - we are following up on this now just to confirm the details :)
Jeff Flack commented 4 months ago. Still no reply to my question
Dan Currier commented 4 months ago. Heh Emma, could you please answer Jeff,s question above as I am keen to know the answer as well !!
Melinda from The Burger Bach commented 4 months ago. Hi all, we have followed up on this for you again.

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