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Today's deal: Three Months of Unlimited Gym Access at YMCA Bishopdale & CBD


Cathy Wang commented 7 months ago. Hi, I bought the same coupon last year, will I be able to use this coupon again in this year? Thanks
Emma from GrabOne commented 7 months ago. Hey Cathy!

As long as you have not been a member at all this year, you'll be fine to grab this one :)
gina mcgauley commented 7 months ago. Does this include access to the climbing walls?
Emma from GrabOne commented 7 months ago. Hey Gina!

The YMCA Fitness Team will be online soon to confirm this for you :)
Michelle Posthuma commented 6 months ago. Is squash court use included in this membership or is it extra? Thanks
Emma from GrabOne commented 6 months ago. We're just checking this out for you now Michelle :)
Paul from YMCA Fitness commented 6 months ago. Hi Michelle. Thank you for your enquiry. There are additional court hire charges for squash. $12 per half hour at Bishopdale, or $8.50 per half hour in the City.

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