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Today's deal: Computerised Wheel Alignment at Hi-Tech Wheel Alignment Specialists


Lisa Robertson commented 5 months ago. Does this include rotation of tyres please ?
Emma from GrabOne commented 5 months ago. Hey Lisa! The merchant will be online soon to confirm this for you :)
Lisa Robertson commented 4 months ago. Hi. I'm still waiting for reply
Emma from GrabOne commented 4 months ago. Apologies for the delay Lisa! We've chased this up for you now :)
Michelle from Hi Tech Wheel Alignment Specialists LTD commented 4 months ago. No it doesn't
David Smyth commented 4 months ago. What option do I need to purchase for a subaru outback?
Jannie Loots commented 4 months ago. How much extra would it be to do the wheel balancing as well? This is for the sedan option.
Emma from GrabOne commented 4 months ago. Hey Guys; please get in touch with the garage on (03) 365 5295 and they'll be happy to help you further :)

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