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Today's deal: 60-Minute Back, Shoulders & Neck Massage incl. 10-Minute Consultation


Ann Blazey commented 6 months ago. Do you require people to be vaccinated?
Donya from GrabOne commented 6 months ago. Hello Ann, thank you for your patience here! Helping Touch have gotten back and kindly answered your question by stating:

"Hi Ann, thank you for your inquiry. I currently offer my service to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated (but I always ask my customers to answer Covid screening questions a couple of days before their appointments to make sure they are not sick) until such time the NZ government introduce the traffic light system (they just announced today that we'll move into the traffic system from 3rd Dec) as they seem to only allow the vaccinated to receive a massage treatment under Green and Orange as massage services are regarded as close contact businesses, if I understand correctly. I'll keep checking it out but please check the government website about this system to get up-to-date information."

Hope this helps! :)
Ann Blazey commented 6 months ago. Thanks for your reply. As everything is a little uncertain and I am unvaccinated at present as have some health issues to be sorted, I think I will have to wait for a massage.
Donya from GrabOne commented 6 months ago. No worries there Ann, have a lovely rest of your day! :)

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