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Today's deal: Spring Clean for Summer with Complimentary Oven Clean for One-Bedroom Home - Options for up to Five Bedrooms


John Stuart commented 10 months ago. Hi,
Does the 4 bedroom option cover dining / family room and lounge.
Also can you please give travel costs to Rolleston.
Cody from GrabOne commented 10 months ago. H John, a member of the Cleaning Solution team will be online to advise shortly :)
John Stuart commented 10 months ago. Hi Guys, any chance of actually getting a response?
Madeleine from GrabOne commented 10 months ago. Hi John, sorry for the delay! I have followed up with them again and requested they pop on asap to answer your query :)
Tammy Gordon commented 8 months ago. Don’t suppose the going to answer Johns question?? I would also like to know if lounge dining and kitchen is included in 4 or 5 bedroom packages?
Madeleine from GrabOne commented 8 months ago. Hi Tammy, please contact the Cleaning Solution team directly on 021 223 3171 to discuss.

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