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Today's deal: Two Curries & Shared Rice - Valid for Takeaway & Dine-In


Allison Carding commented 2 months ago. Hi, what size [in mls] are the actual curries please? And is this deal available on the $21.50 Specialities, ie the ones where if you bought 2 of them, they would normally cost $43?
Louise from GrabOne commented 2 months ago. Hi Allison, thanks for your discussion board post! The team at Arjee Bhajee Riccarton will be online shortly to assist here. If you would like to contact the merchant directly, you can do so by using the contact information on the deal page. Thanks!
Suman from Arjee Bhajee Riccarton commented 2 months ago. the deal gonna comes with the regular size curries times *2 ,the deal is available on classic curries and $19.50 specialities curries not on $21.50 curries . thanks

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