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Today's deal: Exterior House Makeover & Maintenance Package for a Three-Bedroom Single-Storey House - Options for up to a Five-Bedroom House


Michelle Davis commented 10 months ago. Hi, do we have to be at home while the person is doing the work - if there is access to an external water tap?? Please, can you confirm Kingsland / Eden Terrace is included in the service area. Finally, we have a single story house however, it's on a sloping section so on one side of the property the house is raised about a metre - 1.5 above the ground is this OK? Thanks!
Emma from GrabOne commented 10 months ago. Hey Michelle! The YourLocal House Wash Roof & Pest Team will be online soon to help you further :)
Mohammad from (!)YourLocal House Wash Roof & Pest - Auckland Central commented 10 months ago. Dear Michelle,
Thanks for your query ,you don't not need to be home ,you can carry on your work .
That's fine we are okay with the height .
Once you purchase the voucher please give me a call or mesege me the details of the job what service you after and property address .
Regards ,
kevin yong commented 8 months ago. may i ask once i bought the voucher when the job can be carry out? in a rush to sell house which need some cleaning, and need to know the time frame availability of your team so i can work out with the painters as well, house at Northshore;

Also 1 storey house with the garage under, consider one storage right?
Madeleine from GrabOne commented 8 months ago. Hi Kevin, the YourLocal House Wash Roof & Pest - Auckland Central team will be online shortly to advise :)

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