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Today's deal: All-You-Can-Eat Brazilian Churrasco - Premium "Chef's Table" Three-Course Dining for Two People - Options for up to Six People


Mengjia Lu commented 12 months ago. Hi There, is this only for adults? how much for kids?Thanks
Emma from GrabOne commented 12 months ago. Great to see you're looking at grabbing this offer Mengjia!

The Wildfire Team will be online soon to provide some more details on the kids pricing for you :)
Dillon from GrabOne commented 12 months ago. Hi there, The Wildfire Team have confirmed the deal includes children over the age of 4.
Dmitry Ruban commented 12 months ago. hi there, what is original value 249.90 based on? 3 courses churrasco is 74.95 on the restaurant menu.
Pavel Karlik commented 11 months ago. Hi, what's the difference from the standard 3 course offer I see on your website for $75 per person which brings this Grabone's offer original price to $125 per person? Just asking because I see quoted original price is 249.99 (=$125 per person)?
Emma from GrabOne commented 11 months ago. Hey Guys - this GrabOne offer is for the Premium menu as below:

It contains a greater choice of dishes than any other menus they offer

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