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Today's deal: All-You-Can-Eat Brazilian Churrasco - Premium "Chef's Table" Three-Course Dining for Two People - Options for up to Six People


Mengjia Lu commented 3 months ago. Hi There, is this only for adults? how much for kids?Thanks
Emma from GrabOne commented 3 months ago. Great to see you're looking at grabbing this offer Mengjia!

The Wildfire Team will be online soon to provide some more details on the kids pricing for you :)
Dillon from GrabOne commented 3 months ago. Hi there, The Wildfire Team have confirmed the deal includes children over the age of 4.
Dmitry Ruban commented 2 months ago. hi there, what is original value 249.90 based on? 3 courses churrasco is 74.95 on the restaurant menu.
Pavel Karlik commented 2 months ago. Hi, what's the difference from the standard 3 course offer I see on your website for $75 per person which brings this Grabone's offer original price to $125 per person? Just asking because I see quoted original price is 249.99 (=$125 per person)?
Emma from GrabOne commented 2 months ago. Hey Guys - this GrabOne offer is for the Premium menu as below:

It contains a greater choice of dishes than any other menus they offer

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