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Today's deal: Teeth Cleaning & Whitening Package incl. X-Rays, Scale & Laser Teeth Whitening


tecomanthe speciosa commented 4 months ago. hi, i was asking about if i t would need my teeth cleaned again again for whitening as they were cleaned in Jan & you guys said it would just depend, so i was wondering if i was to buy this deal and they dont need the clean could i pos get the cleaning fee refunded?
Emma from GrabOne commented 3 months ago. Hi there,

The White Smile Dental Takapuna Team will be online soon to advise on this for you :)
nicole moore commented 3 months ago. Hi Tecomanthe, We will be able to tell you at the time of your appointment once the dentist have a look at your teeth. If your teeth will not require clean/polish we'll approve refund from our end.
The Team @ White Smile Dental
Emma from GrabOne commented 3 months ago. Thanks team! :)

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