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Today's deal: Full Head of Foils incl. Colour-Lock Treatment, Toner, Shampoo Service, Head Massage, Style Cut & Blow Dry Finish


Emma Jansen commented 8 months ago. I'm keen to check availability first before buying - can I book in Monday 11th November or Thursday 14?
Emma from GrabOne commented 8 months ago. Great to see you're looking at grabbing this offer Emma!

Please contact the Vivo Team on 0800 400 300 to check availability before purchase :)
Nadia Kannemeyer commented 8 months ago. Hi so I was trying to get this with laybuy and its says $29 a week over 6 weeks but when I proceed to the payments its says $59 due today
Emma from GrabOne commented 7 months ago. Hey Nadia; so sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Our team will be in touch via email to help follow up on this for you :)
Lisa Cartwright commented 4 months ago. Hi
I would love this deal but I have been to Vivo St Heliers in January 2020.but I am now living on the North Shore.
Am I excluded until I have stepoed back ?
I have never been to any Vivo on the Shore so I would be new to them
Emma from GrabOne commented 4 months ago. Thanks for getting in touch Lisa.

The Vivo Team will be online soon to help you further with this

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