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Today's deal: Gutter Clean, Flush & Roof Inspection with Installation of a Gutter Guard on All Down Pipes - Options for up to 250sqm


Toni Ngarotata commented 5 months ago. Hi does this clean the inside and outside of the gutters? Getting a house clean done also but they state they dont clean the exterior of the gutters.. Thanks
Emma from GrabOne commented 5 months ago. Hey Toni; we're just checking this out for you now :)
Sioban Hinson commented 4 months ago. Keen to know the answer to this also... do they clean the outside?
Emma from GrabOne commented 4 months ago. Sorry for the delay guys!

We're just following up on this now :)
Clare from TNT Home Maintenance commented 4 months ago. Hi all, this is for internal gutter clean only.
Helen Esera-Sialii commented 4 months ago. Hi there

I've emailed twice and still havent had a response. I wanted to see if I could discuss with someone regarding the options before purchasing a coupon.
Melinda from The Burger Bach commented 4 months ago. Hi Helen, you can reach TNT on tel:0800 23 02 05
Helen Esera-Sialii commented 4 months ago. Hi Melinda
That number doesnt work. It has the disconnected tone. Its real slack that they still havent responded to my emails, so much for 100% customer satisfaction.
glenda marasigan commented 4 months ago. Hi Melinda could you please let me know if they have any number. This company ripped me off, I bought a voucher worth $89 last feb 18, 2019 for my rental property. They scheduled it for march 11, i let the tenant know and waited for them but unfortunately they didnt turn up. I then emailed them for an update and they reschedule it for 4th of April 2019, but then again no notice or update from them that they are not coming. I then asks my tenant last week if someone came to clean the gutter unfortunately they didnt come again. I have emailed them twice and post an email to their website but until now they are not responding to my inquiry. Would you please help me to get in touch with them otherwise would you please advised what i need to do, im so frustrated with this company. Thank you.
Louise from GrabOne commented 4 months ago. Hi Helen and Glenda, thanks for your posts! I've informed our helpdesk of this - you should hear from them shortly for assistance here. Thanks!
Emma from GrabOne commented 4 months ago. Hi All! If we can help with any purchase on site, please contact our team at or 0800 GRABONE and we can work with the merchant to help resolve any issues for you :)

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