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Today's deal: Cambelt Replacement, 50-Point Safety Check & Report, Fluids Top-Up, Battery Check & Suspension Check


Manish Patel commented 3 months ago. Hi, what would I be looking at for cam belt replacement for 1999 Honda Logo? It’s done just over 90,000km. Would you recommend getting anything else done/looked at while doing the cam belt? Thanks :)
Holly from GrabOne commented 3 months ago. Hi Manish, thanks for your discussion board post! Your post would be best suited to be discussed direct with the merchant. Please contact the team at Super Cheap Tyres & Auto Services directly by using the contact information on the deal page. Thanks!
SCT Auto Service from Super Cheap Tyres & Auto Services commented 3 months ago. Hi Manish, when doing the Cambelt replacement, the Mechanic will also check your Suspension, Engine and other parts of the vehicle (visual inspection). If they notice any problems, we will be in contact to let you know :)

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