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Today's deal: Full Exterior House Wash incl. Exterior Window Clean, Gutter Clean, Roof Treatment & Outside Spider Control


Toni Ngarotata commented 11 months ago. Hi I have a 2 bedroom home which is 1 level but the rear of the property slopes so there is like a 2 story area at the back corner, can this still be done as a 1 story? My house also has louvre windows throughout so can the cleaner avoid these (aslong as they arent sprayed directly its fine)
Emma from GrabOne commented 11 months ago. Hey Toni!

The SpecklessCorpTeam will be online as soon as they can to help you.

You can also get in touch with their team on 020 4150 5083 or at for further help :)
Rohan Dalmiya commented 11 months ago. Hey,

Im interested in the $449 deal. In terms of the exterior clean, my house is 2 level. The bottoms brick & tile, the top is plaster. Will the deal still work on plaster homes? Secondly, I'm unsure how many linear meters of guttering i have. Its a 263 sq meter house. Is there any way I am able to know how many linear meters of guttering I have?


Emma from GrabOne commented 11 months ago. Hey Rohan; we've contacted the merchant on your behalf now. We've also followed up on your query Toni.

The merchant will be online as soon as they can :)
Subramanian commented 11 months ago. My house is a 2 level house with an area of around 310m2. Will the $449 deal be applicable to me?
Louise from GrabOne commented 10 months ago. Hey Subramanian, we've got in touch with the merchant for you now, they would be online shortly to assist here. :)
De Campbell commented 10 months ago. Hi, I'm interested in the deal but am unsure which price is applicable to me. I have a single level home (roomy 3 bedroom) plus a small detached studio (old garage). It is an old home so while single level it has a high pitch. Could some one advise deal price?
Look forward to hearing.

Emma from GrabOne commented 10 months ago. Hey De; to get an accurate price for your property, please contact the merchant with your address and property details on 020 4150 5083 or at and they'll be happy to help! :)
sharon taylor commented 9 months ago. WHy is this company still on your platform? Why are you still trying to sell vouchers for this company when they clearly have not responded to my many attempts to book me in, from 3 weeks ago. I contacted grabone regarding this 4 times. You tell me you can't get hold of the merchant so you will refund my purchase. This is extremely unprofessional. Not only has this company not full-filled their obligations but you still support them, even after the complaints and the fact that I"ve paid for this service and it is still not refunded is not good enough. I will make a formal complaint to consumer guarantees and the fair trade authority. I expect a response from you. Sharon Taylor. I suspect there is some fraud going on here.
SANTOSH from (!)SpecklessCorp commented 9 months ago. Hi customers please read voucher or deal statements clearly before buying. One of our customer Sharon Taylor bought 2 level house option but their house is 3 level. Also let us some time to book your job as this job is big and needs some time. We cannot work when its raining and when its windy.

Thank You

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