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Today's deal: Six-Course Signature Menu Dining Experience - Options for up to Ten People & Valid from 3 January 2020


William Stewart-Smith commented 8 days ago. Is the menu gluten free?
Wendy Smith commented 8 days ago. Would also like to know, along with William, if the Signature menu is gluten free. Looks delicious.
Madeleine from GrabOne commented 7 days ago. Hi William and Wendy, the Sails Restaurant, Westhaven Marina team will be online soon to advise :)
Wendy Smith commented 5 days ago. Sadly Madeleine, it might not be gluten free. Shame as looked like a good menu.
Madeleine from GrabOne commented 4 days ago. Hi Wendy, sorry for the delay here, I have followed up and requested the merchant pop on and advise urgently :)
Louise from GrabOne commented 4 days ago. Hi Wendy, the merchant has advised that this is not Gluten Free, sorry about that!
Sails from Sails Restaurant, Westhaven Marina commented about 8 hours ago. Hi everyone
Thank you for looking at the Signature Menu listed
Louise is quite correct this menu is NOT gluten-free however as always at Sails we are here to help and will make it gluten-free on request make sure you state this in the notes when you book online the chef will do a great job to make the menu as similar as possible (But please note that the only substitutions available on this deal are the Vegetarian options )
Thanks, Bart Littlejohn
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