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Today's deal: Six-Course Signature Menu Dining Experience - Options for up to Ten People


Dharmendra Lal commented about 1 year ago. Can the beef be swapped with Lamb or chicken as we dont eat beef
Emma from GrabOne commented about 1 year ago. Hey Dharmendra; we've had a look and the conditions and they do state that and no alterations or substitutions are available for this offer. You can however opt for vegetarian options if you wish :)
Tijana Ristovic commented about 1 year ago. Hi the terms are very confusing - it says valid for Friday and Saturday night 8:30PM dining only.... but then also says valid for lunch etc...
Please could you confirm whether this is limited to just Friday and Saturday 8:30pm dinner slot?? Or whether we could use it for dinner during the week also?
Emma from GrabOne commented about 1 year ago. Hey Tijana; just to confirm that the deal is valid for dinner each night. It's just that Friday and Saturday evenings are limited to the 8.30pm bookings. Please use the link below to check availability :)

Jarnac Chambers commented about 1 year ago. Hi,
So it is valid for lunch on Friday/Saturday as well? Basically valid all of their times except peak dinner Friday/Saturday right?
Emma from GrabOne commented about 1 year ago. Hey Jarnac; it's available for lunch on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and dinner every night. It's just the Friday and Saturday nights have the restriction as you've mentioned :)

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