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Today's deal: Premium House Clean for One to Two Bedroom House incl. One Bathroom - Options for Three to Four Bedroom & Five Bedroom House


Carlos Kerrison commented 30 days ago. hi there could you do the Papakura area? also how much to add oven clean
Louise from GrabOne commented 30 days ago. Hi Carlos, as per the conditions of this deal, valid service area is within 30kms from Richardson Road, Mt Roskill. If you would like further information, please contact the merchant directly here.
Erin Hughes commented 8 days ago. Hi - is there an option for a 4 bed house with 1 bathroom? (It's only showing as 2 bathrooms). Also, how do you add on an oven clean as well? Thanks.
Louise from GrabOne commented 8 days ago. Hi there, thanks for your query! Please contact the merchant directly here by using the contact information on the deal page. Thanks!

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