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Today's deal: Eye Exam, Frames & Single Vision Lenses Package - Option for Bifocal or Progressive Lenses


Wendy Rushton commented 3 months ago. Hi in terms of the frame how does this work in relation to cost of the frame? Is there a specific range you choose from and if so is there somewhere to look at what the options are? Thanks
Madeleine from GrabOne commented 3 months ago. Hi Wendy, the NVISION Eyecare® team will be online shortly to answer your query :)
Ryan from NVISION Eyecare® commented 3 months ago. Hi Wendy,

Yes there is a specific range - our $199 range. Feel free to come in to our practice to view them:

Nvision Eyecare® 
Apollo Health & Wellness CentreLevel 1, Suite 104119 Apollo Drive,
Auckland 0632
Ph: 09 - 475 5548

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