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Today's deal: Three-Course Premium Dining for Two People - Options for Four, Six or Eight People - Valid from 5th April


Jeff McCormack commented 8 months ago. your title says Valid from 5th April but in fine print it says valid from 10th april have bought to use on the 6th April which I've booked. will it be accepted on the 6th
Emma from GrabOne commented 8 months ago. Hey Jeff! Sorry for any confusion here! We're just double checking these details now for you :)
Emma from GrabOne commented 8 months ago. We've had it confirmed that this deal is valid from 5th April Jeff, and it's been updated now to make it super clear :)

Ruby McIntyre commented 8 months ago. Hello, we are coming in this Thursday, where is the best place to park?
Emma from GrabOne commented 8 months ago. Great to see you've grabbed this offer Ruby! The Number 5 Team will be online soon to offer some advice on this for you :)
Leigh Buchan commented 7 months ago. Hi, you mention that voucher is valid for Tuesday - Sunday dining, however on looking at Number 5 website they say are open on a Monday. Can you please confirm if this deal is available for Monday nights also please. Thanks.
Emma from GrabOne commented 7 months ago. Good spotting Leigh! We're just checking this out for you now :)
Emma from GrabOne commented 7 months ago. Hey Leigh - this offer is indeed valid Monday - Saturday. We'll get those highlights updated now to avoid any confusion :)
Parizad from Richmond Yacht club commented 7 months ago. hello - 2 questions:
1. How do i use this deal if i have 9 people?
2. Where can i check availability? Do you have room for us on the 30th April?
Melinda from The Burger Bach commented 7 months ago. Hi Parizad,

Please contact the merchant directly to confirm availability for dates/times. Answers over the phone are immediate and there is no room for error or delay in you seeing the answer on the discussion board :)

To use the deal for 9 people, you can buy the 8 person option and pay normal prices for the 9th person.

The discussion for this deal is closed. Please contact the helpdesk for any urgent enquiries.