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Today's deal: Three-Course Winter Dining Experience for Two People - Options for Four, Six or Eight People


Emma from GrabOne commented about 1 year ago. Hi Derek; we hope you had a great weekend.

You can contact the Number 5 Team on the details below to see what gluten free offers/options they may be able to help you with outside of this particular set offer:

Phone: 09 309 9273
Kym Vallesfin commented about 1 year ago. Hi, do you have kids meal? I can't seem to find one in your website and my extra person is a child. Do you have something for little people? Thanks.
Emma from GrabOne commented about 1 year ago. Hey Kym; thanks for your interest in this offer :)

What age is your child? The restaurant caters for children over 8 only, and they would need to order off the standard menu I believe :)

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