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Today's deal: Gutter Cleaning & Full House Washing for a Two or Three-Bedroom House - Options for One & Two Storey Homes


Rudy T commented 10 months ago. so does this deal also include driveway waterblast ?

it is mentioned on the deal details : "About No.1 Roof Gutter Maintenance:

The friendly and reliable team at No.1 Roof Gutter Maintenance take pride in every job they undertake to ensure you're always satisfied with the results............ They'll clean your gutter, ........... even get your driveway looking tip-top. "

please confirm. thanks
Emma from GrabOne commented 10 months ago. Hey Rudy - that section is the general about the business section and is not an indication of the deal inclusions.

The No.1 Roof Gutter Maintenance Team will be online soon to confirm exactly what is included in this one :) commented 9 months ago. Does this include outside windows and decks? Thank you
Dillon from GrabOne commented 9 months ago. Hi there, the No.1 Roof Gutter Maintenance team will be online soon to advise.
Sara Mohan commented 9 months ago. Offer shows one or two storey 2 or 3 bedroom house have any size.My house is 2 storey 4bedroom house with 180m2. Is this can be done
Rudy T commented 9 months ago. for those asking questions, i think you are better contacting the guy direct. i believe he is one man band so he is very busy all the time, i dont think he would have time to reply here. i had my rental done on friday but can't comment yet as i haven't checked it after he's done it. i also got my driveway done (big 5 cars driveway) for extra $150.
Emma from GrabOne commented 9 months ago. Thanks Rudy :)

Hi everyone; due to the nature of the work the merchant does it's best to get hold of him via phone with any queries on 0800 885 610 :)

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