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Today's deal: Adult Return Pass on the Kawau Royal Mail Run Super Cruise - Option for a Child Pass or to incl. a BBQ Lunch On Board


Kylie Develing commented 6 months ago. We are interested in booking the option with the bbq lunch. Two adults, one child and a 4 year old. I understand the 4 year olds boat trip is free, is their an option to purchase the bbq lunch for them?
Emma from GrabOne commented 6 months ago. Great to see you're looking at grabbing this offer Kylie!

The Kawau Cruises Team will be online soon to help further :)
Maree from Kawau Cruises commented 6 months ago. Yes, you can purchase an additional child lunch on the day of your sailing. Please mention it when you book in with us. The additional lunch cost for a child is $16.

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