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Today's deal: Adult Return Pass on the Kawau Royal Mail Run Super Cruise with Option for a Child Pass - Option to incl. a BBQ Lunch On Board


Emma Wallace commented about 1 month ago. Hi,

What time does the cruise return and how long is the stopover in Kawau? If we don't opt for the BBQ lunch, is there time for lunch on the island?

Emma from GrabOne commented about 1 month ago. Hey Emma; the Kawau Cruises Team will be online soon to provide some more details for you :)
Maree from Kawau Cruises commented about 1 month ago. Hi Emma,
You arrive at Kawau Island after 2hours cruising the bays and observing how mail, freight and passengers are delivered. The ferry departs Kawau Island at 2pm and at 4.30pm during the summer months.So there is plenty of time for a nice lunch.
Candauda Saliya commented 19 days ago. Can we see dolphins and sea lions in this cruise?
Emma from GrabOne commented 19 days ago. Hey Candauda; the cruise gives you the opportunity to spot Gannet birds, and even dolphins and penguins if you're lucky! :)
Carlina Ball commented 17 days ago. Hello, Does the mail run happen on a weekend?
Carlina Ball commented 17 days ago. Hello, Does the mail run go on a weekend day please? Thank you
Andreea Fantaza Ghepes commented 15 days ago. Very disappointing, is not crouse is just an ferry route,on returning we need to stand up with my little one ,with bin ,the food was just so bad ...just so disappointed, it of money to be treated like
Melinda from GrabOne commented 8 days ago. Hi! Thanks for your question and interest in this deal! The merchant will be online as soon as possible to answer your question.

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