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Today's deal: HelloFresh Special Offer - Up to $70 OFF Your First Box or $100 OFF Your First Two Boxes


jane lee commented 3 months ago. Hi, I've previously bought this deal for myself but would now like to buy one as a gift. Is it possible to do that without signing my friend's household up to repeat orders? If I do it under my name and address I'm guessing it won't work as I've ordered previously. Thanks
Emma from GrabOne commented 3 months ago. Hey Jane! You would need to set up a new account for your friend as you will be unable to do it under your name and address as an existing customer.

To cancel a subscription, log into their online HelloFresh account, click Your Subscriptions, select the box you want to cancel, and click Cancel My Subscription and it will cancel it for them once they've received their first box :)
Rachel Kake commented 3 months ago. Hi there, ive purchased hellofresh in the past and have now purchased this deal. The code is not working help please. Thank you
Emma from GrabOne commented 3 months ago. Hey Rachel! This deal is valid for new customers only so this may be why your code is not working.

We'll be in touch via email shortly to follow up on this :)

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