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Today's deal: Mini High Tea for up to Six People


NICK from Cuisine Catering Auckland commented 4 months ago. So that’s 3 items pp and share a tea pot ?
Shizue Dusky Rose from Dusky Rose Tea & Antiques commented 3 months ago. Hello
Thanks for your enquiries.
It’s Dusky Rose and sorry for delayed response.
It was incocorrct info.
you can get 2x sweets 2x sandwich, 2x scones, 1x pot tea or coffee for one person. So you can get one pot of tea (little tea pot)
Kaz Qu commented 3 months ago. So does that mean food to share for 2 people but only enough tea for one person ?????
Emma from GrabOne commented 3 months ago. Hey Kaz; we're just looking to confirm these details for you now :)
Emma from GrabOne commented 3 months ago. Good Morning Everyone!

We've spoken with the merchant and have now had it confirmed that each person will be provided with the following for this offer:

Two assortments of sandwiches
Two assortments of sweets
Two classic scones with jam and cream
And a pot of tea

We're updating the deal slightly now to make this clearer

Joanne Riddell commented 2 months ago. Hi there, are you open on Boxing Day and if so, are bookings required?

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