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Today's deal: Ticket to Aladdin - The Musical at The Civic, Auckland (Booking & Service Fees Apply)


Polly Ortiz commented 7 days ago. Hello Grab One, can you explain what is the deal here because ticketmaster does sell 65$ tickets.
Deborah Ferry commented 7 days ago. Expires Feb 17, 2019 - Is this correct as tickets are available until 03 March??
bhumika randeri commented 6 days ago. hi there, with this deal could you please tell us what kind of seat allocation it refers to? thanks
Fiona Wilson commented 5 days ago. Hi, I would like to buy 2 tickets for myself and one for a friend. Is there some way that we can ensure that we are sitting together?
Melinda from GrabOne commented 5 days ago. Hi Fiona, when you click BUY you will be redirected to Tickectmaster where you can purchase tickets that will be seated together.
Melinda from GrabOne commented 5 days ago. Hi Polly, GrabOne is an online marketplace that connects consumers to great value products, services, travel, accommodation and events within the NZ market. This comes in the form of actively discounted offers, and offers without discount that we believe are already of great value. This particular offer is the former/latter.
Melinda from GrabOne commented 5 days ago. Hi Deborah, you can access tickets for all valid shows via the ticketmaster website.
Melinda from GrabOne commented 5 days ago. Hi Bhumika, seat type is dependant on your selection once you click through to the ticketmaster site.

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