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Today's deal: Full Day Entry for One-Person incl. Equipment, Body Armour, Helmet & 100 Paintballs - Options for up to 10 People


Ramin Etemadipour commented about 1 year ago. Is there any hidden fees on it?!
Like: You have to pay for balls,...?
Does every one have 100 balls individually? If I buy 10 tickets for 10 people are you giving 1,000 to us?
Tony Wilson commented about 1 year ago. Hi Ramin,
No hidden fees, the package includes all required safety equipment, admission and 100 paintballs per person individually. If you book for 10 people, we will be giving 100 paintballs to every one of those 10 people that arrives on the game day.
If you wish to purchase more paintballs on the day, we have a number of packages to suit all needs and budgets.
Looking forward to seeing you there
Delta Force Paintball
Natascha Mckenzie commented about 1 year ago. Where it says children between 10-12 need to be accompanied by adult, does the adult need to play or can they just watch?
Emma from GrabOne commented about 1 year ago. Good Morning Natascha!

The Delta Force Paintball will be back soon to confirm this for you :)
Tony Wilson commented about 1 year ago. Hi Natascha,
The accompanying adult does not need to play. But I'm sure you would have a great time if you did. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.
Delta Force Team

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