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Today's deal: Two Wheel Balance & Nitrogen Fill for Five Wheels - 14 North Island Locations


Rob Treacher commented 9 months ago. Shouldn't a wheel balance involve all four wheels? How much extra will you charge for that please?
Emma from GrabOne commented 9 months ago. Hey Rob; great to see you're looking at grabbing this offer.

The Bridgestone Team will be online soon to provide some more details for you :)
Gurpreet Kaur commented 9 months ago. same questionn as Rob Treacher, should be for all 4 of them, how much for the rest 2 to balance
Emma from GrabOne commented 9 months ago. Morning Guys!

We're just following up on this one now for you, to confirm the additional cost :)
Bridgestone from Bridgestone Select. commented 9 months ago. Hi Rob,
Thank you for your enquiry and sorry for the delayed response.
It is best practise that when you arrive at the store we will be doing a 2 Wheel balance and further would be checking the other 2 tyres for imbalance and will then discuss pricing if required. Regards,

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