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$60 for a Condiments Gift Pack, incl. Avocado Vinegar, Smoked Garlic Sauce, Lemon RBO, Raspberry Vinegar, & Manuka Salt (value $87)


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  • $60 for a Condiments Gift Pack, incl. Avocado Vinegar, Smoked Garlic Sauce, Lemon RBO, Raspberry Vinegar, & Manuka Salt (value $87)
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  • Spice up your life with today's deal. 
  • Grab a condiments gift pack from Prenzel for only $60.
  • Complement your cooking with a range of delectable flavours.
  • The ideal gift for the cooking genius in your family.

Eating unflavoured food is like going on a date with a cardboard cut-out of Ryan Gosling. Sure, it resembles something yummy, but the experience is rarely something you look forward to.  

Make sure your next meal isn't a boring disappointment by paying just $60 for a condiments gift pack, which includes: 

Ma Penzel's avocado premium vinaigrette (250ml):

Based on French recipe that's already three generations old, this vinaigrette has been modified with the addition of the cold-pressed oil of New Zealand-grown avocados - proving that even perfection can be improved upon.   

Ma Prenzel's smoked garlic vinegar sauce (250ml):

This delicious dark sauce is made in Marlborough using locally grown garlic and naturally brewed malt vinegar, with a blend of high quality ingredients. It complements many meat dishes as a sauce or a marinade and is a great flavour boost for casseroles and soups.

Lemon infused rice bran oil (250ml):

Ideally suited for seafood, dressings and baking, this sauce bring a zesty bite to your meal. It's an ideal substitute for lemons, meaning that you'll never have to go without that citric goodness.  

Ma Prenzel's raspberry vinegar (250ml):

Infused with the sweetness of raspberries and the sharpness of Cabernet Sauvignon, this vinegar creates a culinary sensation that would be difficult to find elsewhere. From a simple salad dressing to marinades and sauces, Prenzel Raspberry Vinegar will add sophistication to any dish.

Ma Prenzel's Manuka smoked coarse salt (220g):

Enhance the flavour of any dish by grinding this coarse natural sea salt over it. 

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