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$40 for a One-Hour Massage (value $80)

Value $80 Discount 50% You save $40
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  • $40 for a One-Hour Massage (value $80)
  • $40 for a One-Hour Massage (value $80)
  • $40 for a One-Hour Massage (value $80)
  • $40 for a One-Hour Massage (value $80)
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  • Discover the health boosting benefits of massage for the mind and body.
  • Grab an hour of muscle melting bliss from Bodhi Health & Massage for just $40.
  • Take an hour out of your busy schedule and spend it all on yourself.
  • Double the bliss and grab two vouchers for yourself. What the heck, grab two for a friend as well.

An hour just doesn't seem to last as long as it used to these days does it? Think about it, an hour might be enough to get the shopping done, perhaps make the beds and vacuum or clean the oven. But would you really want to spend a precious hour doing any of the above, honestly?

Make an hour last like it used to by grabbing a one-hour massage from Bodhi Health & Massage for only $40. 

Valued at $80 a one-hour massage at Bodhi Health & Massage has to be the best way to spend an hour, no interruptions, no phones, no kids asking where their socks are; just you and the warm therapeutic hands of one of Bodhi Health & Massage’s experienced therapists. Bodhi Health & Massage offer a complete and holistic approach to provide the best possible service. Choose a massage that suits your individual needs. Services include, relaxation, sports, massage therapy, dry-needling (acupuncture needles in muscle tension) and reiki healing. One hour is never enough when it comes to massage, so grab two vouchers and come back for seconds. 

Bodhi Health & Massage


Level 3, Primeproperty House
2 Woodward Street
Lambton Quay

(021) 0259 6667
Monday - Friday 10.00am - 7.00pm

Business in trade


Valid from Nov 16, 2012
Expires Feb 15, 2013
Limit 2 per user
Bookings essential. Subject to availability. Must be used in one visit. 24 hour cancellation policy applies or coupon is void. No cash backs, no refunds.Not valid with other offers.
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