Up to 76% off a 5" Ceramic Chefs Knife or a 4" Pairing Knife incl. Delivery from iTrading (value up to $210)

Value $86 Discount 72% You save $62
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  • Up to 76% off a 5" Ceramic Chefs Knife or a 4" Pairing Knife incl. Delivery from iTrading (value up to $210)
  • Up to 76% off a 5" Ceramic Chefs Knife or a 4" Pairing Knife incl. Delivery from iTrading (value up to $210)
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  • Let go of frustration and get yourself some seriously sharp knives!
  • Grab up to 76% off ceramic knives from iTrading, includes delivery.
  • These knives are acid resistant and will never rust.
  • Leaving no metallic taste or smell in your food.

It's not like you're worried about where it's gone. It is always there, however, it's no longer reliable. It's taking up space and taking you for granted. Sometimes it's useful but more often than not the reason why you loved it in the first place is nowhere to be found. You're making lunch and your once sharp knife is sharp no more and that tomato you've just butchered isn't even good enough for a sandwich. It's time to move on.

If you're hankering for something reliable in your life, that you know will work when you need it then today's deal is for you. we've got three great options from iTrading all include delivery, so look sharp!

  • Pay $24 for a 4" pairing knife
  • Pay $30 for a 5" ceramic chefs knife or
  • Pay $49 for a 4" pairing knife and a 5" ceramic chefs knife

The Rare Earth ceramic knives are made from diamond hard zirconium oxide which is 40% stronger than steel. This high-purity zirconium oxide powder is compressed at very high pressures and heated in a furnace at temperatures of over 2700°F. This results in an extremely-hard blade, nearly as hard as diamonds and the abrasion performance is 60 times better than a metal knife. 

Additional features include:

  • Health: lead-free, non-toxic, acid resistant, alkali resistant, never rusts.  
  • Excellent performance: because of its extremely high density and brightness the knife does not easily breed bacteria, ensuring it is anti-bacterial, anti-fouling and easy to clean.
  • Sharpness: the materials that make up a ceramic blade are very hard. It’s the second hardest material, ranked after diamonds. After it’s sharpened, it can keep its razor sharp edge and will not wear out.
  • No metallic taste or smell: ceramic material is not very porous at all. This keeps the blade from transferring odours from one food item to another. 
  • Sanitary: the density of ceramic blades is very high, and the blades have very little pores. A quick rinse in warm water can give your ceramic knife a good clean, rather than a thorough scrubbing on a metal knife.
  • Lightweight: ceramic material is very light weight. Density of steel is 7.85g/cm3, ceramic knife's is 6.0-6.1g/cm3. The lighter the weight is, the less strain on your arms and shoulders.
  • Rustless and no magnetism: There is no metal, so there is never rust and magnetism. 

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