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$20 for a Trash or Treasure Mystery Bag from Firstin


Delivered within: 8 days

This deal ended 5 years ago

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  • $20 for a Trash or Treasure Mystery Bag from Firstin
  • $20 for a Trash or Treasure Mystery Bag from Firstin
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  • Pay just $20 for a Mystery Bag
  • Value will be from $40 to $150 per bag
  • Items will be chosen at random 
  • Please read the conditions for all information 
  • You might be lucky to grab a few of these we've thrown in;  Nike sunglasses, Acer Tablets, Adidas clothing, Tefal Kitchenware 
  • Limited quantities, so get in quick to avoid disappointment

Just like Peter Andre likes mys-ter-ious girls, we love a mystery bag! And today, we're serving up the best. We've got over $500,000 worth of stock in the warehouse.....and it needs to go! Grab your choice of mystery bag and get a wee surprise waiting at your door step within 8 days of placing your order (that means it'll reach you in time for Xmas!!).

There are no categories. You could get anything! Ultra mysterious. 
We've chucked in some high priced items, like a brand new Kindle 5,  Acer Tablets, Levi's Denim, Tefal Kitchenware,  Adidas gear and much more. Choice! We understand that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but we still think these items are pretty sweet. 

You don't know what you're getting and we choose at random, it's the name of the game. Some bags may have one item, whereas others may have a few items. We have been so smart to plan this in time for Christmas, so if you're not happy with your goodies, easily re-wrap and pass it on. It's your choice to take the gamble and hope for the best!


  • Items will be chosen 
  • Delivery is $6 per bag 
  • Value will be from $40 to $150 per bag 
  • Some goodie bags will include one to two items, others goodie bags will include a few smaller items. 
  • No refunds or exchanges available 
  • Allow 8 days for delivery 
  • Please read the conditions for all information

(09) 522 2944

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Limit: 5 for you and 5 gifts for others
Please supply address details when purchasing. Delivery is $6 per bag. Due to the nature of this deal, no returns, refunds, exchanges or cashbacks will be offered. Bags may contain one item, or a few smaller items. Bags will be chosen and sent out at random. Please note: You may receive an item which is not pictured. You could receive anything, including male, female and children's items - these are all chosen at random. Value will be from $40 to $150 per bag
See the rules that apply to all deals Delivery Timeframe: 8 days

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