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$25 for a Numerology Forecast Report

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  • $25 for a Numerology Forecast Report
  • $25 for a Numerology Forecast Report
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  • Grab an email numerology report from Numerologist Michelle Buchanan for $25.
  • Give a unique personalised gift to someone you love this Christmas.
  • Numerologist for ‘Good Morning’ and spiritual counsellor for ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine
  • See what's in store for you over the next 12 months.

If you have a curious mind and constantly find yourself pondering everything from ‘who you are’ to ‘what you'll be doing next year or in the future’, then here's a deal that'll most definitely pique your interest.

Pay $25 for a Decoz email numerology report from Numerologist Michelle Buchanan and discover more about you and your life, so you can reach your full potential.  

Your report will uncover your destiny and life purpose and the challenges holding you back. It will also reveal your life’s mission and where your life is going. Your 25 page Decoz Numerology Software report includes:

  • 2013 Forecast – overall forecast for the year
  • Month by month forecast – forecast for each of the 12 months
  • Destiny number – what you’re destined to do in this life
  • Karmic lesson numbers – your karmic lessons in this life
  • Life path number – your life purpose and the path you’ll walk in this life
  • Heart’s desire number - what motivates you in this life
  • Personality number - how others perceive you
  • Maturity number – your highest potential and area of attainment from 40 years plus
  • Birth day number – your personality traits, talents and abilities
  • Minor expression number – the influence of your current first and surname
  • Challenges - the challenges you must overcome to fulfill your destiny
  • Pinnacles – your areas of specialisation to assist you in fulfilling your destiny
  • Major life cycles – your three stages of growth and development along your life path

Please note: Although Decoz Numerology Software is highly accurate and reputable, Michelle takes no personal responsibility for the accuracy of this material. All methods of forecasting and prediction should be taken with a grain of salt.

Michelle Buchanan - Numerologist

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Valid from Dec 15, 2012
Expires Dec 24, 2012
Limit: 1 for you and 2 gifts for others
Offer must be used within 7 days. Report will be emailed in a word document. Allow up to the 24th December for your email to arrive. No refunds, changes or exchanges if you provide the incorrect information - please double check birth certificate name, date of birth & current first & surname are 100% correct. Check your junk mail folder if your report hasn't been received.
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