$29 for a One-Hour Blood Type Diet Consultation (value $60)

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  • $29 for a One-Hour Blood Type Diet Consultation (value $60)
  • $29 for a One-Hour Blood Type Diet Consultation (value $60)
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  • Understand your pipes and the stuff that flows through them.
  • Grab a one-hour blood type diet consultation from Aromatomic for just $29.
  • Discover ways to lessen all sorts of ailments and issues through eating in line with your blood type.
  • Leave with a hard copy of essential information.
  • Remember that, although eating for your blood type can assist in health issues, it may not necessarily cure all problems entirely.

Blood courses through our veins, giving life to all our organs. Our well-being depends on blood, and yet we know so little about it. The good news is that a simple thumb prick can reveal all you need to know to get you on track.

Learn how to adjust your diet to keep your blood healthy when you grab a one-hour blood type diet consultation from Aromatomic for just $29.

If you're fed up with ailments that seem to have no clear cause, then it might be worthwhile getting advice on how to adapt your diet to your blood-type. The chaps at Aromatomic are dedicated to alleviating bodily issues through blood type diet. They use your blood type to evaluate what foods are better suited to you. They'll tell you what to avoid and what you can feast on without any guilt. This consultation is about your health and about understanding what you are putting into your body. Adjusting your diet to your blood type has been said to assist in the treatment of a wide range of ailments, including reflux in babies, fussy eaters, eczema, asthma, glue ear, constant colds, acne, IBS, other stomach disorders, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions and hormonal conditions.

All it takes is a simple thumb prick, and you'll be able to walk away with specific knowledge about your body and a paper copy of information that you will be able to refer to for the rest of your life.



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