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Up to 54% off a Spinal Health Check & Follow-up Consultations (valued up to $174)

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  • Up to 54% off a Spinal Health Check & Follow-up Consultations (valued up to $174)
  • Up to 54% off a Spinal Health Check & Follow-up Consultations (valued up to $174)
  • Up to 54% off a Spinal Health Check & Follow-up Consultations (valued up to $174)
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  • Sort out your back niggles before you have serious issues. 
  • Grab up to 54% off spinal health check and follow-up consultations at Bethlehem Medical Centre.
  • Put your trust in a team with over 10 years of chiropractic experience.
  • Suitable for anyone who has been suffering from spinal problems.
  • Let the team set up a plan to get your life (and spine) back on track.

If you were a circuit board, then your spine would be a control centre, feeding instructions to all your body parts. When your spine gets a little unaligned, these instructions cannot reach the desired destination as quickly as desired - making a little recalibration necessary. 

Whether you're looking to sort out a little niggle, give yourself a sporting edge or improve your overall health and well-being, you should grab one of the following three deals from Bethlehem Chiropractic:

  • pay $42 for a consultation and follow-up;
  • pay $65 for a consultation and two follow-ups; or
  • pay $94 for a consultation and three follow-ups.

Spinal problems should never be ignored. This simply aggravates the problem and creates worse issues later in life. If you've started to feel an annoying pain in your back whenever you bend down to lift something or if you've noticed uncharacteristic stiffness after a long day at the office, then it would definitely be worthwhile giving the team at Bethlehem Medical Centre a call. They have been treating everyone from athletes to babies and families for over 10 years, and they have an extensive list of satisfied customers who have used their services.       

During your initial consultation, they'll conduct a thorough health and wellness history check, discuss your desired outcome, conduct a chiropractic examination and adjustment, and set a plan for you to get the results you want. Don't let back pain control your life any longer - sort out your problems today.

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Valid from Nov 9, 2012
Expires Feb 9, 2013
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