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$17 for a VHS to USB Adapter


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  • $17 for a VHS to USB Adapter
  • $17 for a VHS to USB Adapter
  • $17 for a VHS to USB Adapter
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  • Relive the "good ol' days" whenever you want to.
  • Grab a VHS to USB adapter from Nifty Spot for only $17.
  • Convert all your old VHS footage to digital form with this easy-to-use device. 
  • Simply connect the adapter to your computer and VHS device, and let the transfer begin.
  • Upload your old school footage to Facebook to show everyone how cool you were. 

There was a time when your stomach had abs instead of flab, your head had hair instead of sunburn, and your hips had swing instead of metal. The only problem is that these good times are stored in VHS format - making it seem impossible for you to share them with your mates on Facebook. Fortunately, things aren't always what they seem. Today you can grab a VHS to USB adapter for only $17, and convert all those memories into digital format in a flash.  

What is a VHS to USB adapter?

The VHS to USB adaptor gives you an outlet for that nostalgic desire to reflect on the good old days. You can keep the past alive with this easy-to-use device, which allows you to transform all your old family videos and precious home recordings into durable, long-lasting digital files. All you have to do is connect the adapter to your PC and VCR to be able to transfer the information VHS to digital format. 


  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 
  • Only converts VHS to USB
  • Adaptors come with a software CD and manual 

Nifty Spot**

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