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$6 for Up To Three Passport Photos (value $12)

Value $12 Discount 50% You save $6
This deal ended 4 years ago

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  • $6 for Up To Three Passport Photos (value $12)
  • $6 for Up To Three Passport Photos (value $12)
  • $6 for Up To Three Passport Photos (value $12)
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  • Use your best shot so you can go through the airport without dreading the moment you hand over your hideous passport.
  • Grab up to three passport photos made from your own images for only $6 by Quality IT Services.
  • Turn your favourite shots into passport images you don't need to be embarrassed about.
  • You'll have digital files which you can print as many times as you want, whenever you need them.

You need a passport photo today and the pressure is on. The pharmacist has the camera right up in your face because it doesn't have a zoom. She shows you the shot. The extreme close-up makes it look like your eyes are on the side of your head. You look like a fish. It's horrible. But you grimace one more time and hand over the twenty bucks. At least the immigration officer will get a laugh.

Use only your best shots and have up to three passport photos made from your own images for only $6 with Quality IT Services.

Simply grab this deal and supply Quality IT services with three good shots of yourself. They will make them into digital files for passport photos that you don't need to be embarrassed about. You can then print at your leisure and produce as many passport photos a you need, whenever you need them. Our apologies go out to the immigration guys out there — your job just got a little less hilarious.

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Valid from Mar 8, 2013
Expires Jun 8, 2013
Limit: 10 for you and 10 gifts for others
All 3 photos must sent at the same time. The default size is for a New Zealand passport photo which is 45mm x 35mm portrait. A 6" x 4" photo can fit 8 portraits of NZ passport photos. We will not do editing on the photo(s) you provide, only cropping and layout for printing. We cannot guarantee acceptance by Immigration New Zealand but if your photo meets their requirement from the passport photo guide, there is no reason for them to reject it. We will only keep the converted photos for 7 days so if you have any questions about the formatted photos you should contact us as soon as possible. .
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