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$75 for a Introductory Hynotherapy Session Up to Two Hours (value $170)

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  • $75 for a Introductory Hynotherapy Session Up to Two Hours (value $170)
  • $75 for a Introductory Hynotherapy Session Up to Two Hours (value $170)
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  • Don’t let the holiday season drive you off course! Prepare for 2013 in a powerful, healthy and focused way by setting New Year’s resolutions that you keep this time!
  • Grab an introductory hypnotherapy session with Kali Cathie from Mala Hypnotherapy for just $75.
  • Discover the secret to happiness and success by learning how to control your mind and free yourself from negative patterns.
  • Sessions can be held in person in New Plymouth or over Skype nationwide.

The Secret to Happiness is Control of the Mind - Repeating negative patterns, feeling stuck and stagnant in old behaviours and eating patterns and experiencing blocks in our ability to move forward in life, is all connected with our conditioning, programming and overall belief systems. And Christmas and New Year is the time when all our knee jerk reactions are triggered the most!

Get an introductory hypnotherapy session with Kali Cathie from Mala Hypnotherapy for just $75.

With Kali, you'll find ways in which you can break through to be more confident in yourself as well as more comfortable and at peace in your body, mind and soul. You can enjoy a greater physical experience of life and if you want deeper meaning and purpose, better relationships and sex life along with the freedom to move, grow and evolve, then grab this introductory deal now.

Do you repeatedly keep falling into patterns of behaviour that are no good for you? Is Christmas time particularly stressful for you? Do your thoughts and actions continually hold you back and stop you from reaching your full potential? Do you have feelings of depression, anxiety, negativity, fear? Are you looking for a way forward that can help you get out of your own way? If so, then it might be time for you to learn how hypnotherapy and getting in control of your mind may be able to help you. In their first introductory session with Kali Cathie, most people will gain a deeper understanding about their mind and how it is working, as well as learn how to begin looking at things from a different perspective. In additional sessions, clients gain deeper insight that can make more and more profound and real change in their lives.

You should expect to attend an average of three sessions to really get the results you want, but keep in mind that sometimes only one or two sessions are enough. Other times people may choose to go deeper into the process to benefit even more from it with additional sessions. This deal is a great opportunity for you to get to know Kali, learn about how she works and decide if she is the one to help you be the best you can be and make the changes you want to achieve in order to make 2013 your best year ever! All good things take time and sessions can take one and a half to two hours so make sure you allow for this when you book. Grab this deal today and find out for yourself what an exciting and truly insightful process hypnotherapy can be. Sometimes a new perspective is all you need.

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Kali Cathie - Mala Hypnotherapy

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5d Lindaver Grove
New Plymouth

(06) 753 7326

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Valid from Dec 17, 2012
Expires Feb 18, 2013
Limit: 1 for you and 1 gift for another
Bookings essential. Subject to availability. 48 hour cancellation policy applies or coupon is void. Individual results may vary. Additional sessions may be neccessary for desired results. No refunds or cash back. Not for use with any other offers.
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