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Mammal Riding Adventures

$10 for 2-Hour Dolphin Harness Ride with Mammal Riding Adventures (value $50)

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  • $10 for 2-Hour Dolphin Harness Ride with Mammal Riding Adventures (value $50)
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  • Winter's almost here, but the water isn't THAT cold! Get out and about in the ocean on the back of a dolphin!
  • Pay just $10 for a two-hour dolphin harness ride with Mammal Riding Adventures!
  • Experience the wonders of both land and sea as you dive in and out the waves on dolphinback for two whole hours!
  • Grab one for yourself and one for a friend! 

We weren't particularly phased when Russell Crowe won his Oscar in 2001 for Gladiatorafter the Australians claimed him as one of theirs it was all over. But we are very excited about our own Moko the bottlenose dolphin being named one of the most heroic animals of all time in the latest Time Magazine poll, for her courageous rescue of two pygmy sperm whales who were at risk of becoming beached as.

Following Moko's worldwide acclaim, GrabOne is delighted to bring you an excellent deal that'll allow you to experience the ocean just as Moko did. Pay just $10 for a two-hour dolphin harness ride with Mammal Riding Adventures and experience the waters around Auckland City like you never have before - on the back of a trained dolphin. 

Mammal Riding Adventures is New Zealand's only animal-riding service that includes aquatic mammals. Whilst they specialise in whale-riding tours, their dolphin-rides have become exceedingly popular since Moko hit our waters. Mammal Riding Adventures (MRA) also offers a range of other exclusive animal-rides, including ostriches, tortoises and domesticated ligers.

See the sights of both land and sea as your trained dolphin dives in and out of the waves at top speed, plunging you into the cool depths of the ocean before cresting the waves, allowing you to feel the salt spray hit your face. I don't know about you, but I couldn't think of a more unique way to spend my afternoon. 

Dolphin riders meet daily at Princes Wharf where they're given a brief safety talk and taught a few basic dolphin commands. You'll be fitted into your harness by the MRA crew before boarding your chosen dolphin. All dolphin riders swim in a pod with a trained instructor who will guide you and your dolphin through the harbour and around the Tamaki Strait using a range of hand signals and high-pitched dolphin instructions. Mammal Riding Tours have a 100% safety record so you know you're in good hands/fins when embarking on this awesome adventure. 

Grab this exclusive deal now and hit the waters of Auckland in style on the back of a dolphin. Opportunities like this don't come by every day, so make sure you secure yourself a spot on Auckland's most thrilling water ride! 

GrabOne and Mammal Riding Adventures do not endorse harness riding on ordinary dolphins. Mammal Riding Adventures employ a pod of Gimme dolphins, a specific breed accustomed to the art of harness riding.

Mammal Riding Adventures

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Depart from Princes Wharf
Auckland Viaduct
0800 472 2663 

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Valid from Apr 1, 2011
Expires Jul 1, 2011
Limit: 1 for you and 1 gift for another
Bookings essential. Subject to availability. One voucher per rider. Must be able to swim and hold breath under water for 10 seconds. Nose plugs provided.
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